(es)Cape Town

After 24 hours in transit, I arrived in Cape Town to beautiful weather and an empty Prado car seat. Our first stop would be the Westin, courtesy of SPG, where we managed to get some gym, spa, and free champagne breakfasts in our systems.

Getting cozy at La Colombe!

After getting settled in at the Westin, we dined at La Colombe, rated one of Africa’s best restaurants and nestled in Constantia Uitsig, a beautiful vineyard in one of Cape Town’s winetowns.

Image courtesy of La Colombe

Inundated with all the recommendations we received from friends, our expectations were fairly high, but La Colombe managed to far surpass even those! From the artichoke veloute with lentil puree to the grilled Chalmar beef fillet, everything was perfect. Finished the night off with some “flat whites,” parsnip cake, and port.

Regular customers already!

We were also pretty happy to discover a Chinese restaurant in Cape Town, where we’ve managed to already dine twice in the past 24 hours. Some homemade won ton soup later, we checked out the local coffee culture at Truth CoffeeCult and got situated to do some work!

Next up: Robben Island, Table Mountain, and Cape Town nightlife!



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