6 Weeks in Cape Town: at a glance

Sunset on top of Lion’s Head

Capetokathmandu.com has been eerily quiet over the past 6 weeks. Don’t worry. We are still alive. Proof comes from the picture above.

I am sorry to report we are still in Cape Town. We have no epic stories about honey badger encounters nor have we tested the theory that elephants are attracted to Citrus fruit.

I can show you pictures of us on Table Mountain, at V&A Waterfront, or other Cape Town landmarks but that is not representative of our 6 weeks in Cape Town. The following quotes and pictures are better indicators of our time in Cape Town.

“When are you leaving?” ~Jason, the barman at Ashanti

“Next week” ~Alpheus

“That’s what you’ve said everyday for the past month” ~Jason

Jason with his girlfriend Angela

“Can you please extend our room?” ~Alpheus, bi-weekly at Ashanti reception

“Our car is finally ready tomorrow!!!” ~Alpheus, proclaimed enthusiastically at Ashanti every few days for the past 6 weeks.

“Why are you taking pictures like you are planning to leave” ~Cal

At the Ashanti reception with Cal, Lisa, and Dan (left to right)









I’m convinced the staff at Ashanti Lodge thinks I’m just squatting indefinitely in Cape Town. Besides my words we have presented no evidence our trip actually exists. We have outstayed Chiara, one of the interns at Ashanti and we are desperately trying to beat Isabel, the other Ashanti intern, out of town.

“We’re unstoppable”

“Last trip to (JB/R&D), YEAAAHHHHH BUDDY!”

“We’re finally ready to leave Cape Town”

“We don’t need to go to another mechanic until Cairo”

“Why didn’t we buy the Land Cruiser?”

~Eugene, everytime we do anything car related for the last 6 weeks. As soon as these phrases were uttered, something else breaks and off we go again to JB Auto or R&D Offroad.

Christine rolls eyes…


“Hi Gran, can you come pick us up at (JB/R&D” ~ Us

“Again?” ~ Gran, our beloved cab driver

“Last laundry day!” ~ Us, every Sunday for the past 6 weeks

“We’re never going to be here…

…for the next Formula 1 Grand Prix” ~ Eugene, we’ve been here for 4

…for the next Equinox at Fiction” ~Alpheus, we’ve been here for 6

…for Earthdance” ~Alpheus, from Early September

…for the next outdoor Trance party” ~ Alpheus, after Earthdance, 2 more has come and gone

…for Lady Gaga” ~US, she is touring through Cape Town early December.

In other news…

Checkers, the grocery store down the street from us, began remodelling a week into our stay. It now looks completely different on the inside.

This restaurant – closed down 2 weeks into our stay for a major renovation – is once again open for business.

Christine’s favourite Frozen Yogurt place. She just filled up her 2nd Buy-9-Get-1-Free loyalty card.

































I know I’ve said this many many times before, but this really has the be the last time I’m going to say this: “We’re leaving Friday.”

P.S. New poll is up, please vote how far you think we’ll make it on our overland trip!

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2 thoughts on “6 Weeks in Cape Town: at a glance

  1. Eugene-
    I told you there would be significant challenges on this trip! At least you got stranded in Capetown, not is some really shitty location which there are certainly no shortages of. Hope you get to Namibia in one piece as it is quite a beautiful place.
    Jim Hellerman

    • Hi Jim,
      Great to hear from you! It has certainly been a challenge putting our car back together but we are looking forward to leaving for Namibia / Botswana within the next few days. Cape Town is a fantastic place to get stranded, if only it was as cheap as other parts of Africa!
      Keep in touch!

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