Would you believe…

It’s been two months – but we are finally leaving Cape Town! Our first big driving day since Outdshoorn will hopefully see us make it to Calvinia, a lazy 5.5 hrs drive north east from Cape Town. From there we are exactly half way to our final stop in South Africa – Uppington, before crossing into Southern Botswana. Visa issues should see us make it (hopefully) into Namibia by mid-next week, which will make it 2 countries in under a week.. if everything goes to plan.

Since leaving our home at Ashanti in down town Cape Town, we have been doing dry runs (and one very wet run) of all of our camping gear in the Cape region. We made it to Cape Agulhas, the very most southern point of all Africa and also the meeting point of the Indian and Atlantic Oceans. Cold, wet, and windy, our first night in the wild was predictably miserable, almost as a warning from the gods that we were foolish to leave.

Gravitating at Cape Agulhas!

We packed up in the rain, had soggy fish and chips for breakfast, and headed straight for Simon’s Town and Cape Point. The stark contrast of the natural beauty of the Cape Point national park was a great reminder why ‘travel’ is always worth the effort.

Looking over the Atlantic Ocean from Cape Point

With a final stop in Stellenbosch’s wine region to binge on fine food and fabulous wines, and of course, the mandatory reunion with our friends at JB Auto repairs for a final thumbs up, we are now heading off. Now fully equipped with a quasi-fridge, our camp is working like clock work which means..

We’re finally unstoppable!!!!!

Until next time!

– Eugene


5 thoughts on “Would you believe…

  1. Congrats guys!! Glad you are finally back on the road with the Purple People Eater šŸ™‚

    Might I suggest that you indulge in some tipsy cycling while you’re in wine country? Henry and I did a day tour with Bikes n’ Wines (http://www.bikesnwines.com/) when we were in South Africa and it was a fabulous, if somewhat perilous, adventure.

    Stay safe, keep on truckin’, and let me know when you’re passing by/through Malawi again!


  2. Finaly! hahaha.Glad you guys are on the road , and many happy kilometers for the 4 of you (yes , that includes ppe ).haha.Best of luck with your trip.
    Team JB.

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