Victoria Falls, and a Soldier Down

After a mad dash escaping the rains and a border crossing later, we found ourselves in Livingstone, home of the Zambian side of the mighty Victoria Falls. The Falls were initially underwhelming, a result of our visit coinciding with only the beginning of the rainy season and low water-flow.

Victoria Falls

A dry-ish Victoria Falls

The low water did, however, enable us the chance to visit Devil’s Pool, an exciting swimming area at the very mouth of the waterfall that requires one to swim out to. Navigating river currents with all but two safety ropes and a ‘catcher’ to prevent you from experiencing the free-fall of the 108m waterfall into the Zambezi river below, we were fortunate to have arrived before the waters had risen any higher.

Entry into the Pool culminates in a final challenge – a leap of faith into the 5m deep ‘pool’ at the mouth of the thunderous waterfall. Too close, and there are shallow rocks; too far, and well, with the catcher now tending his second job as photographer, you were pretty much on your own – albeit with a fitting picture for the memory books.

We all made it in safely, with differing interpretations of an acceptable entry strategy:

The Flying V

The Flying V

The Rock Star

The Rock Star

Christine used her right to veto her elegant, Olympic-esque triple pike, having presumably sold rights to magazine publishers worldwide. The Pool itself was an unforgettable experience:

Devil's Pool

Devil’s Pool

And when we were given the opportunity to hang over the water’s edge with our ankles held for safety, we promptly agreed!

Overlooking the Falls

Overlooking the Fall

The Flying V once more. The latest rage?

The Flying V once more. The latest rage?

With the impending departure of intrepid traveller #3 and a dear friend, we headed to a Victory Dinner at the Zambezi Sun – only for a herd of elephants to greet us at a road crossing on the drive there. Only in Africa!

Elephant Crossing

Elephant Crossing

And just like that – an epic 6 month adventure, covering 21,000km across Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho, South Africa, and Namibia, and multiple fundis in between, came to an end for dear Alpheus. As Christine and I look to our East and North African adventures ahead – we know only one thing – you will be missed, old friend!

Farewell Brother!

Closing a page on another chapter

Until next time!

– Eugene


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