Where the Wild Things Are

After the not-so-terrible Moyale Road, we knew we were counting down our final days in Africa. A stopover in Nairobi meant a requisite return visit to the David Sheldrick Foundation. Since the foundation opens the doors at night for a private viewing only for foster parents, we got to see the sweet elephants hustle back in time for their nightcap (and almost got run over in the process!). A lovely way to say goodbye to beautiful Kenya.

After a quick 2 days and a hassle-free border crossing, we were back to where it all started. After a cool night in Arusha, Tanzania, we drove on to the famous Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the largest inactive caldera on Earth. We had the special campsite completely to ourselves, unfenced from the wildlife and unearthly quiet. To celebrate what would be our last safari, we clinked a Tusker beer.

Unwinding after a long drive!

Unwinding after a long drive! The pink spots on the water are hundreds of flamingos

In what would be our most exciting morning, I woke up at 5am to make breakfast in time for the drive down. It was pitch black outside, and soft shrieking noises rose from the surrounding bushes. As our eggs cooked, the disturbing sounds increased in frequency and volume. It became obvious that something was amiss. Still enveloped in darkness, we slowly came to the realization that we were surrounded by hyenas.

Terrified, I spent the remaining 20 minutes of darkness swinging the brightest flashlight we owned around us. Eugene managed to nonchalantly continue to cook and eat Magi noodles… And when the sun finally crested over the mountain top, the hyenas left. We climbed into the PPE to begin the journey down.

The drive down into the Crater at sunrise

The drive down into the Crater at sunrise

The Crater is absolutely teeming with wildlife. Everywhere we looked, herds of zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, and various antelope roamed.



[Click below to enlarge]

NGzebras       NGzebradrinks       NGview        NGrivers       NGlion       NGfox

While resting the car and scouting for lions, Eugene noticed a troupe of elephants strolling over to our car…


…that within minutes sauntered across the road inches from our car.



And with that, our last safari in Africa was over!


2 thoughts on “Where the Wild Things Are

  1. Hi Guys, just trying to catch up with your travels as we have been pretty busy with our own. Are you still in Africa???

    Your last update 28th Sept 13 suggests that you have just finished travelling Africa…

    Hope you are both well .


    Laurence & Jo

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