Dar, Tanzania

Packed up and ready to set off

Our route with some help from the Tinga Tinga artists

Christine’s last day in Dar es Salaam before returning to the States to finish up work and tie up loose ends. Picture taken post compulsory Chinese soup noodles and karaoke in farewell. Til Cape Town

Andrew and Godfrey working on the Purple People Eater

Open heart surgery..

Busting out at karaoke

As Alpheus and I haven’t driven manual, we opted to take a few lessons from the local Tanzanian driving school…. aptly named Victory.

Farewell face cake and incredible enthusiasm!

Game planning at Black Tomato over the usual Long Island Iced Teas, mango mojitos, and the best fries in town

Sundowners for Leigh’s birthday

Our first expedition in the Prado to Bagamoyo

The one and only masharubu

A little African side business

One week Eugene had a craving for boiled chicken so he and Alpheus made
Hainanese chicken rice, which turned out really well. Almost as good as back home! 🙂


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